Brian Rolfe is a portrait and fashion photographer who captures timeless natural images with an analogue film aesthetic. Retouching, if any, is kept to a bare minimum in all of his work and this is something that he has carried over to his work with kids. 
Brian is available for kids and teens portfolio updates, model development, portraits and commercial kids work. For further information on model updates please see bookings/info. All other enquiries please email brian@brianrolfe.co.uk
"we already have a generation of young people who have been bombarded with skin smoothing and face/body shaping apps along with advertising that promotes unrealistic perceptions of beauty. As photographers I feel it is our responsibility to help the next generation, as well as the current one, accept themselves for who they are and how they look. It's one thing removing a spot or bruise but we shouldn't paint over who a person is with heartless over retouching. Kids especially are perfect as they are, let's allow them to be kids."
Brian Rolfe​​​​​​​

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